3 Inch Rear Lift Kit Fit for 2004-18 Ford F150 2WD 4WD

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Product Overview
This lift kit will raise your rear of your F150 and can be installed in about 1 hour.
2004-2018 F150 2WD will raise the rear 3"
2009-2018 F150 4WD will raise the rear 1 1/2"
2004-2008 F150 4WD will raise the rear 1"
This rear kit comes with new fabricated rear lift blocks and longer U bolts.

Fabricated lift blocks will out last cast iron and will far outlast solid aluminum rear lift blocks.
The rear lift blocks are also powdercoated for a long lasting finish.

2004 Ford F150
2005 Ford F150
2006 Ford F150
2007 Ford F150
2008 Ford F150
2009 Ford F150 4WD
2010 Ford F150 4WD
2011 Ford F150 4WD
2012 Ford F150 4WD
2013 Ford F150 4WD
2014 Ford F150 4WD
2015 Ford F150 4WD
2016 Ford F150 4WD
2017 Ford F150 4WD
2018 Ford F150 4WD