3 Inch Front 2 Inch Rear Leveling lift kit for 2004-2014 Ford F150 2WD 4WD

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2004 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
2005 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
2006 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
2007 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
2008 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
2009 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
Ford F150 4WD 2WD
Ford F150 4WD 2WD
Ford F150 4WD 2WD
2013 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
2014 Ford F150 4WD 2WD
  • Functional Lift Kit: Raise your truck 3" in the front and 2'' in the rear despite the the front leveling kits and the lift height is not 1:1 due to the suspension geometry.
  • Considerate Design: Provide additional fender clearance and ground clearance for larger tires or wheels. Maintains your original ride safety, steering quality and driving comfort.
  • Durable & Resistance: Made of power coated aluminum alloy, it is durable and resistance to corrosion during lone time use. Extraordinary strong and heat resistance with light compared to spacers made of steel.
  • Suspension Lift Kit: As for the front spacers they will max out your upper control arm clearance which makes for a less bumpy ride in regards to potholes and no rough feel going over rugged terrain.
  • Easy to install & Support: Whole installation process will take up to 2 hours and fairly easy to assemble by mechanic.

Easy to Assemble
  • Disconnect upper tie rod, steering rod and torsion bar. Installation is pretty easy and you need less than 2 hours.
Bumpy Resistance
  • Assembly it for a less bumpy ride in regards to potholes and no rough feel going over rugged terrain.
Durable and Corrosion Resistance
  • Heat-treated and hardened bolts. Anodized surface provides additional resistance to corrosion for long time usage.
Offroad Desert Ride
  • The ride feels even better than before the kit was installed with no rough or bumpy feel going over rugged terrain.
Offroad Winter Forest
  • Drastically improved the look of your truck giving it a more aggressive stance and ground clearance. Really helped with clearing the snow in upstate New York. No fear of heavy snow day.
Easy to Install
  • Pretty straight forward to install, it came with a step by step guide on how to install. Making your 2019 Ford 150 2WD 4WD look awesome leveled. Whole assembly time is less than 2 hours.

Color: Black
Item Weight: 20.3 pounds
Material: aluminum alloy material
Size: 15" * 8.3" * 7.1" (L*W*H)