3.5 Inch Front 3 Inch Rear Suspension Leveling Lift Kit for 2004-2020 Ford F150 2WD 4WD

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2004 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2005 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2006 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2007 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2008 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2009 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2010 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2011 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2012 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2013 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2014 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2015 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2016 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2017 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2018 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2019 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD
2020 FORD F-150 2WD 4WD

NOT RECOMMENDED for FX4 or FX4 Based Models*
2009+ Models will NOT fit 3.5" Front Spacer without Aftermarket Upper Control Arms*
4WD Models already have a factory 1.5" Block which will be replaced by our 3" Rear Block. Replacement will provide an Extra 1.5" Lift.

Engineered to withstand any off road abuse without compromise
T6 Billet Aluminum Coil Spacers for Superior Strength
Heavy Duty CNC Laser Cut TIG Welded Carbon Steel to ensure safety
Solid Steel Blocks with pressed alignment pin with Extended U Bolts
Corrosion and Oxidation Resistant teflon-coated finish to prevent rust
No cutting or welding is required. Install and enjoy
Buy with Confidence. Choose SDT, an American Company

Important Note: The suspension on the advertised compatible vehicles requires a spacer that is not a 1:1 ratio; therefore the stated (lift) height is achieved after install, not the height of the spacer itself. For Example, a 1" to 1.4" thick spacer (depending on the application) will provide 2" of lift.

Street Dirt Track Strut Spacers are precision CNC Laser Cut TIG Welded out of T6 Billet Aluminum with a Anodized finish for corrosion and oxidation resistance to last a lifetime. Will raise the front of your Ford F-150 by 3.5" and the rear by 3". Rigorously tested off road to guarantee safety. Expect a superior engineered product that will do the job right. Comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.